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Dog Walking,Training & Doggy Day Care

What is on offer?


 I provide Dog Walking Service and Training Walks as well as Behaviour Consultations on a regular or casual basis


Behaviour Consultations and Training Walks
Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash (if he or she doesn't know yet...) is always included in all of my dogwalks.

Furthermore, creating confidence and positivity by playing games is a perfect way to have a fun time with your dog(s) and keeps the dog(s) mentally stimulated. It also helps to make your life with your furry friend an enjoyable experience for your dog(s), yourself and the whole family.

Teaching of classical obedience exercises as well as improving your dogs confidence level and fun in life can always be incorporated in my walks and I can teach you the relevant tools of building and growing an amazing relationship with your furry friend in private sessions. Within a short period of time you will see how much your relationship will improve.

I can also provide you with more information about how dogs are learning in general, what will help the human-dog communication as well as it will enable you to teach your dog makeing "better" or more desiarable decisions  in everyday life. 

Dog Walking


  • I can do regular or casual walks and I can jump in when you go on holidays

  • I will walk up to 4 dogs at a time - dogs from your family only

  • I will pick up your dogs at home and will generally walk them for 1/2 -1 hour (excluding travel times) - other arrangements e.g. for elderly dogs are possible at any time

  • I will always walk your dog(s) according to your request - generally -for safety reasons- I will walk the dogs on leash - I will use a long leash if appropriate to give them more space to run and play

  • I will only walk in safe environments like dog parks, dog beaches, ovals or parklands - dogs always wear a safety harness for transport in the car

  • I will walk in sun and rain, but -saftey first- under extreme hot weather conditions I will walk early mornings or late afternoons only and I will not walk in thunderstorms or in extreme windy conditions

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Doggy Day Care
  • I provide care for up to two dogs on a regular or casual basis in our house
  • I walk your furry friends for about 90 minutes during the day split up into 2-3 walks (according to your request) and I care for and adapt our activities to elderlys and dogs with special needs 
  • If the weather does not permit a long walk, I will play with the dogs in and around the house instead to prevent boredom
  • The dogs can stay inside the house or outside in our fully fenced backyard that provides shelter as well
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