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Terms and Conditions
  1. I am generally only walking/taking care of dogs from 1 household at a time unless previously discussed and agreed with the owners
  2. All dogs that stay in my house need to be up to date C5 vaccinated - proof may be requested
  3. The dog owner needs to ensure that their dog(s) have tick, flee and heartworm protection in place - proof may be requested
  4. The Dog owner acknowledges that their dog(s) may interact with other dogs in public spaces when we go for walks. If a dog is aggressive towards other dogs or other animals the owner needs to inform me about any issues and we will discuss how this dog will be handled.
  5. Dogs will usually be walked on lead, unless discussed differently. Long leads for extra space to run are available and will be used
  6. The dog owner understands and agrees that despite every precaution that can possibly be taken there is always the risk of injuries whilst in my care.
  7. The dog owner understands and agrees that if the dog gets ill or injured whilst in my care I will immediately contact the owner, provide basic first aid and transfer the dog to the nominated or closest suitable Vet Clinic for further treatment. The owner will have to take over the cost for the vet visit.
  8. All services can be paid cash on the day or via bank transfer. Invoices can be send via email on request
  9. My business is insured with public liability insurance via MGA insurance brokers
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