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Dog Boarding

What is on offer?

My house and backyard is secure and dog friendly. Your dog(s) can stay with me and my husband and can enjoy walks around our beautiful wetlands and beaches

Whenever you go away for holidays or at any other occasion, I can offer you the following options to keep it nice and relaxed for you and make it an enjoyable experience for your pets:

  • If your dogs are ok to stay on their own at night I can come in every morning and afternoon, walk and feed the dog(s) and spend some play & cuddle time with them - part of the service is getting the bins out and in, collecting your mail, watering the garden and looking after your other pets
  • I can accommodate up to 2 dogs at our place - the dogs are our family members during this time - I have a fully fenced backyard, a wonderful park and the beach around the corner to walk the dog(s) - we will go for morning and afternoon walks and we will play during the day whatever they like
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