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A new Puppy!!!


Buying a puppy or adopting an adult dog is a huge responsibility. Far too many dogs are being dumped, end up in a pound and are being euthanised each year - because of too many different often predictable reasons.


Here are some questions you can ask yourself before making the decision to buy a puppy or adopt an adult dog:


? Why do I want to own a dog?

? Do I have enough time and patience to grow up a puppy?

? Who will look after my dog, when I want to go on holidays,   

   when I am busy at work or when I have other committments?

? Do I have enough money to pay Vet bills, good quality food,

  grooming, dog minding, maybe training... ? Certain breeds often show  

  health issues like hip dysplasia, eye and joint diseases that can cause

  high Vet bills

? What breed/ what temperament of a dog will match up with my

   expectations? Different breeds show different inherited

   behaviours that can hardly or not at all be changed through

   training, so what are the inherited behaviours of my puppy?

? How will this dog influence my and my family's life?


Especially if you decide to get a puppy it is important to give him or her the best possible start into life. The first 14- 16 weeks in life of a puppy are often called "critical period". During this time the puppy learns quickly what in his or her eyes is good and what is bad for him or her. How it grows up will determine if it will become an optimist, that can cope well with the challanges our lifestyle will bring into puppies life or if it will struggle with all things new and unforeseen... In order to prevent major problems in the adult dog the puppy should be carefully introduced to things that will be around throughout his life: e.g. lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, wet lawns, umbrellas, and much much more. 


If you are going to get a puppy or if you have one at home already I can provide advise on what to do to grow your pup into a confident, enjoyable family member, that everyone would like to walk and wants to spend their time with.

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